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Festival deepening: Ista Level I, 5-11 August
REGISTER and make your INITIAL PAYMENT for the retreat. The size of the fee depends on which type of accommodation you register for - accommodation in 4-6 bed room is set to 3780 SEK. The “initial payment” offer is available until the 14 of July, 2019. After this you will receive an invoice for the remaining fee. If you stay on from the Tantra festival, make sure to book and pay the additional night. OBSERVE! If you have NOT joined the festival your ONLY option for arrival date is the 5th of August. Anyone is welcome to book one night after if you want to have some integration time.

Bed 1

1 adult
Own external accommodation

Not bookable online
Double room

Bed in double room

Price per person

Mon 05.08.19 - Sun 11.08.19
4-6 bed room

Bed in 4-6 bed room

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Mon 05.08.19 - Sun 11.08.19

Bed in a dorm

Price per person

Mon 05.08.19 - Sun 11.08.19
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