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Tantra Festival, 30 July - 4 August
To participate in the festival YOU MUST read and agree to follow the special AGREEMENTS which also include important practical information - FOLLOW THIS LINK!
By completing this booking you agree to all what is stated in the agreements.
Please note! The agreements differ from the regular Ängsbacka guidelines.

Tickets for adults ONLY (18+) are available for this event.

Please note! Our booking system is not (yet) configurated to be able to handle more than two options for gender (male/female). We want to express our apologies in advance for any inconvenience or discomfort this may cause any of our participants. Please know that we are doing our best to be able to implement a third option (other) as soon as we possibly can and also that we depend on the system provider's order of priority in this matter. For now - we ask you to contact booking @ should you want to make any clarification regarding the gender you have signalled through your booking.

Bed 1

1 adult

Not bookable online
4-6 bed room

Bed in 4-6 bed room

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Tue 30.07.19 - Sun 04.08.19
Own external accommodation

I arrange my own acc...

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Tue 30.07.19 - Sun 04.08.19
Own tent in camping area

Space for own tent

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Tue 30.07.19 - Sun 04.08.19
Caravan parking including 1 passenger

Caravan parking

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Tue 30.07.19 - Sun 04.08.19
Additional caravan passenger

1 Caravan parking required.

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Tue 30.07.19 - Sun 04.08.19
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